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Rettelse af tekster
Fra : PeterTheisen
Vist : 295 gange
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Dato : 16-06-09 19:00

Er der én, der vil rette disse to korte tekster, som jeg har skrevet?

Tekst 1:

Economists know that nothing can be done to prevent these kind of crisis. For capital, crisis is the only way out from crisis. It has to destroy the gigantic accumulated sums of capital to restore the rate of profit and re-start the accumulation process. The catastrophic process has already started: in its latest Global Financial Stability Report, the IMF estimates that capital of 4.1 trillion US dollars has been lost so far in the financial sector and losses are mounting. This sum, although huge, represents an infinitesimal part of fictitious (and productive) capital that has to be destroyed according to the laws of capital accumulation.

The capitalists themselves had to admit that the current crisis that erupted in 2007 with the burst of the US sub-prime mortgage market bubble and the international credit crunch is not simply a cyclical one or a conjectural disturbance. It is the worst crisis from the 1929 Crash and the Great Depression. It has historical dimensions in scope and depth; it affects globally the world economy, while its end is unseen in the horizon.

It is clear now that it does not affects only the financial sector but the entire capitalist economy dominated by a decades long over-expansion of finance capital invading, interconnecting and controlling all aspects of economic life globally.

Tekst 2:

Capitalist nationalizations, "the negation of capitalism within the capitalist system itself", are an extreme action to rescue capital from bankruptcy. Within the framework of the actual social regime, nationalization puts the charge of the crisis on the shoulders of the working people through the increase of the public debt, unemployment, inflation etc. From the other side, it's an objective manifestation of the process of preparation and transition to the collective property of the producers under the control and management of the direct producers themselves.

The outright failure of so-called "neo-liberalism" (neo-conservatism in USA), the economic dogma followed by almost every capitalist government, was epitomized by the dramatic actions taken urgently by the champions of privatizations, of Reaganomics and Thatcherism in the US and UK, themselves.

The process of increasing State rescue operations started from the nationalization of Northern Rock Bank in Britain in September 2007, of Bear Sterns, one of the "Big Four" investment banks in the United States, in March 2008, and then reached a decisive turning point that precipitated the September-October maelstrom: the nationalization of the twin giants Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac controlling the four fifths of the collapsing US mortgage market, in September 2008.

Fra : frieda

Dato : 16-06-09 19:15

Jeg overvejede det et sekund, men da jeg tjekkede din profil, så jeg:

Spørgsmål fra dig: 80 besvarede og 24 annullerede
Involveret: 4, ingen besvarede.

Synes måske, det er en lille smule ensidigt.

Men måske er der en anden, der gider

Fra : PeterTheisen

Dato : 16-06-09 19:17

Kom nu, frieda.

Fra : frieda

Dato : 16-06-09 19:24

Nope, min engelske boggruppe kommer lige om lidt. Vi skal snakke om On Chesil Beach af Ian McEwan.

Din tekst er sandsynligvis også ok.

Annuller spørgsmålet
Fra : PeterTheisen

Dato : 16-06-09 21:36

Jeg har desværre ikke modtaget et gyldigt svar, og annullerer derfor dette spørgsmål

Du har følgende muligheder
Dette spørgsmål er blevet annulleret, det er derfor ikke muligt for at tilføje flere kommentarer.
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