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XVCD, Overlay, Dolby Digital, DivX , et~
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Dato : 22-03-04 14:33


(Har også smidt mit tip ind et andet sted men det skulle vist ha været her SORRY)

Do you need to know what exactly do terms like XVCD, Overlay, Dolby Digital, DivX , etc mean? Simply check out AfterDawn.com's glossary of terms by clicking here..
· Burning (Super) VideoCDs with VCDGear and BurnAtOnce
· Compile (Super)VideoCDs using VCDEasy
· Convert DivX to VCD with subtitles
· Convert DivX video to VideoCD format with VobSub subtitles
· Convert DVD to VideoCD with permanent subtitles
· Convert DVDs to SVCD or CVD using DVD2SVCD
· DVD to SVCD with TMPGEnc
· DVD to VCD with SmartRipper, DVD2AVI and TMPGEnc
· Merging MPEG-1/2 videos with DV-Tool
· Repair non-compilant VCD MPEG-videos
· Splitting MPEG-1/2 videos with DV-Tool
· SVCD to VCD with TMPGEnc

· Convert DVD-movies to AC3 DivX using Gordian Knot
· Copy your DVD into DivX format - Guide for 4:3 movies
· Copy your DVD into DivX5 format - Guide for 16:9 anamorphic movies
· Copy your DVD to XviD with AC3 surround sound
· Extract AC3 audio from AVI file
· Rip subtitles with SubRip
· VirtualDub: Joining AVI files
· VirtualDub: Splitting AVI files

· Burning pre-authored DVD-Video using Nero
· Convert a DivX or XviD AVI to DVD
· Copy DVD to DVD-R using DVD Decrypter (DVDs smaller than 4.36GB)
· Copy DVD-9 movie to a single DVD-R with DVD2One
· Copy DVD-9 to DVD-R using DVD X Copy XPRESS
· Copy entire DVD-9 movie to a single DVD-R using DVD Shrink
· Copy full DVD movie disc to a DVDR using CloneDVD
· DVD-lab : A look at inexpensive DVD authoring software
· How to put VCDs on DVD
· Nero Recode v2 beta preview CD burning
· Backing up a protected CD - an Alcohol 120% guide
· Burning BIN/CUE Images with Nero Burning Rom
· Creating SuperVCDs using Nero - Burning Rom
· Creating VideoCDs using Nero - Burning Rom
· Defeating Cactus Data Shield
· Installing a working ASPI layer
· The Nero 6 weekend: From video to Vision
· The Nero 6 weekend: The Emperor dances to MP4s
· The Nero 6 weekend: The Emperor's new clothes

· How to create VCD compliant music videos, part 1 - Capturing
· How to create VCD compliant music videos, part 2 - Encoding with TMPGEnc

· Better cables from BetterCables
· BlindWrite 5 beta preview · Creative Audigy Platinum
· DVDXCopy Sneak Preview · Review: Stereo-Link 1200 USB audio device
· Review: TerraTec M3PO Go
· Review: Yamaha CRW-F1

Opinions, commentarys, etc.
· Coming At You: MPEG-4
· Don't Be Stumped By DVD Standards
· For good, legal sound!
· High 32-40x speed media delivers unacceptable quality!

General articles
· AVSEdit - AviSynth for the scripting impaired
· BitTorrent FAQ
· The Quintessential Guide to Creating High Quality MP3s by Chris Myden
· Unofficial manual for Streambox VCR v1.0 beta 3.1

· Creating Evolution X Dashboard Boot CD-RW · Installing new Harddrive with Evolution X dashboard boot-CD
· Interview of Ivan Dimkovic - The man behind Nero AAC encoder
· Nero MP4 AAC Encoder preview


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