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Fra : yourgod
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Dato : 03-10-06 09:17

Hvordan laver man en tuborg klamme i MathCAD {
hvor man f.eks kan skrive

MVH yourgod

Accepteret svar
Fra : pallebhansen

Modtaget 50 point
Dato : 03-10-06 17:26

Så lige at ingen havde svaret, så her prøver jeg, selv om jeg ikke kender programmet.

Når du ser (SPACEBAR) i en Mathcad instruktion, skal du:
a. Trykke en venstre klamme/tuborg, tryk "spacebar", og tryk højre klamme/tuborg
b. Tryk spacebar

tuborg klamme = Curly braces

All Maple commands obey function notation with rounded parentheses (,) enclosing their inputs separated by commas. All groupings overriding the usual rules for order of performing the basic operations are done using matching rounded parentheses only (no brackets or braces of any kind).
Square brackets [,] enclose a list of objects (numbers, functions, color names) whose order is to be maintained, like vector components, or a list of functions to coordinate with a list of colors in a plot command. Curly braces {,} are used to enclose sets of objects whose order is unimportant, as in a set of equations to be solved.
[Square brackets are also used for subscripts on vectors or matrices: v[1] becomes v1, A[1,2] becomes A1,2.]
Triangle brackets < , > are used for listing vector components.
% stands for the last output in time (not necessarily the previous output in position in the worksheet). When a series of inputs using % goes bad and has to be re-edited and executed, you must re-execute from the first statement to which they refer to reset the sequence [Select them and use Edit Menu: Join to put them in the same "execution group" so they automatically execute as a group.].
If you use the Standard Maple interface, it opens by default in document mode in which calculations are just listed horizontally in text mode from left to right. If you want worksheet mode of input/output required for maple homework, you must click on the icon |> for the maple "prompt" or select the Menu File, then select New "Worksheet Mode."
VH Palle Hansen

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Fra : yourgod

Dato : 09-10-06 19:52

Tak for svaret pallebhansen.

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