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looking for job
Fra : bratka
Vist : 724 gange
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Dato : 10-02-09 11:44

i have been working in Denmark about 10 years.and i have permicion to work.but at this moment i cant found any job.i can build and renovaite houses,fliseleger and other....do you have some idees ,where to look for job?thanks

Accepteret svar
Fra : refi

Modtaget 230 point
Dato : 10-02-09 11:48

Stil op i køen

Det ville nok være en god ide at lære dansk (efter 10 år )

Fra : lassethorsted

Dato : 10-02-09 11:48

We all have the same problem! Good luck!

Fra : tararam

Dato : 10-02-09 12:04

Dear friend.
Lots of Danish is without job and cant find job also.
Even low payed job as bringing out newpapers is now taken by Danes.
And the job situation will increase during 2009 and 2010.

Fra : bratka

Dato : 10-02-09 12:20

i never had a problem to find a job in Denmark.but these days is going on somethings.i cant believ!

Fra : lassethorsted

Dato : 10-02-09 12:51

It doesn't seem that the situation will improve for some time to come... Unfortunately it might be getting worse. I got some papers from my union yesterday saying that unemployment hasn't been going up this fast in the construction industry the last 10 years! And unless the government adopts "vækstpakken" with should release 13 mia. DKK over the next 2 years for public projects, the situation might get even worse! I've been working in the same company for the last 3½ years, and this summer we were 12 employees working there. Now there's only one left. Lost my job just before christmas, and it doesn't seem that I'll be going back for the next couple of months...

Fra : bratka

Dato : 10-02-09 13:00

i understand situacion in Denmark ,but in Litauen worthse.the situacion is critikal.no job,evrything is getting more expencive.i dont know when we come out from this shitty situacion!

Fra : lassethorsted

Dato : 10-02-09 13:03

well... look on the bright side of things. In Denmark you are getting 720 DKK a day for doing nothing if you member of an "a-kasse". So I guess things are not so bad after all!?

Fra : lucerne01

Dato : 10-02-09 13:51

Where in DK do you need a job ?

Fra : svendgiversen

Dato : 10-02-09 13:59

You must have or create skills needed...

Right now it could be moving snow.
Soon some gardens need spring starting treatments.

Take some education, og hvis du vil blive her, lær dansk...

Godkendelse af svar
Fra : bratka

Dato : 10-02-09 16:25

i speak danish,but it is easy in english

Fra : bratka

Dato : 10-02-09 16:28

thanks for advices.i will try many oportunities.becouse i can do many nice things with renovation houses and i like this job.

Fra : Smokei

Dato : 10-02-09 16:39

wiesz co jeden sowa platformy jest dunski. To w jaki sposób jak ty

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